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Estes Holland Wealth Advisors

Estes Holland Wealth Advisors

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Estes Holland Wealth Advisors serves as a trusted advisor for families across the United States. Our commitment as trusted advisor is to be a resource in the personal and financial lives of our clients, and to serve them as life evolves and changes.

Our primary aim is to understand the emotions, goals, and needs of the people we serve daily, so we can do our best job as Comprehensive Financial Advisors.

We believe there is an art and science to helping our clients build, protect, and distribute wealth; whether it's deep technical analysis, educating our clients on a topic, or connecting with a CPA or attorney to coordinate tax or estate planning strategies on their behalf, we are committed to the "whole" client, which goes far beyond our duty of managing investments.

This is a Total Wealth approach. We love what we do, we care deeply about the people we work for, and we are honored and blessed every day with the opportunity to serve the needs of families across the country.

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Our Process


We begin by discussing your goals and situation to create a financial plan for you. 


We create an allocation for you that is based on your personal financial goals and tolerance for risk.


We monitor your progress and meet regularly to ensure you are track to meet your goals.

Estes Holland Wealth Advisors

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We'll call you, discuss your goals, and help you decide if we are a good fit for you. 

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